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StatisticsOur business barometer provides a range of statistics every month that we hope you'll find useful.

These include website performance, social media, PR, occupancy rates and visitor numbers. The reports are available to view below.

We appreciate your support providing occupancy statistics. This is a vital piece of research that assists in funding bids, maping visitor trends and much much more. We still only have a small number of participants, so whether your business is large or small and you are willing to provide occupancy statistics (only one figure, once a month) please contact Natalie on 01670 794520 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

2016 Year in Reviewuse

Download this file (2016 Year in Review.pdf)2016 Year In Review Business Barometer[ ]504 Kb87 Downloads
Download this file (Sept Barometer 2016.pdf)September 2016 Barometer Infographic[ ]510 Kb197 Downloads
Download this file (AugustBarometer2016.pdf)August 2016 Barometer Infographic[ ]511 Kb223 Downloads
Download this file (July Barometer 2016.pdf)July 2016 Barometer Infographic[ ]462 Kb246 Downloads
Download this file (June Barometer 2016.pdf)June 2016 Barometer Infographic[ ]401 Kb268 Downloads
Download this file (May Barometer 2016.pdf)May 2016 Barometer Infographic[ ]386 Kb267 Downloads
Download this file (April Barometer draft.pdf)April 2016 Barometer Infographic[ ]402 Kb290 Downloads
Download this file (March Barometer.pdf)March 2016 Barometer Infographic[ ]434 Kb268 Downloads
Download this file (February Barometer.pdf)February 2016 Barometer Infographic[ ]403 Kb295 Downloads
Download this file (January Barometer.pdf)January 2016 Barometer Infographic[ ]2437 Kb330 Downloads
Download this file (2015 Year in Review.pdf)2015 Year in Review[ ]1934 Kb501 Downloads
Download this file (2014 Business Barometer - Year in Review.pdf)2014 Business Barometer - Year In Review[ ]1593 Kb896 Downloads
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