Tourism makes up 11.8% of Northumberland's economy, 2.7% higher than the national average and contributes £816 million to the economy.

Tourism achievements - Summary

Top ranked destination

Northumberland is now in the very top tier of most loved destinations in England. According to VisitEngland's TRI*M Visitor Satisfaction Survey we are the top North East destination and are currently 6th in the whole of England for visitor satisfaction with a score of 102.

Increasing Economic Impact

9.5m people visited Northumberland in 2015, an increase of 3% on 2014.

Visitor spend increased 5.5% during the year.

Northumberland's tourism industry now supports a total of 11,591 jobs, up 4% on 2014

- See Northumberland’s latest Economic Impact Report (STEAM) going from strength to strength

Northumberland Tourism developed and manages Developed in house and linking to our very own Northumberland Tourism database, the website can be easily updated without incurring additional development costs. We can therefore continue to adapt quickly to new technologies, inspiring and engaging our visitors and providing our businesses with the best possible platform to showcase their services.

Research in 2015 showed that 46.8% of website users then visited the county and that 25.2% were inspired to do so by the website’s images and information. This equated to an additional 84,731 parties spending over £47m.

Promoting Northumberland

Northumberland Tourism’s close partnership with VisitEngland resulted in the county being chosen as one of the partners for their 3-year ‘Growing Tourism Locally’ campaign. During 2013-15 we benefitted from £375,000 of advertising funding.

In total, during the period 2013-15 over £390,000 was invested into marketing campaigns, which resulted in £62.6m of visitor spend influenced and a return on investment of £158.07:1.

During February and March 2016 we were involved in a one million pound VisitEngland co-ordinated project 'Love the North'. The campaign targeted London/South East to promote flood affected destinations within the North of England (Cumbria, York, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Northumberland).

With no addtional funding since 2015 available for marketing, all campaign spend has to be generated via Northumberland Tourism and partnership investment. Each year we run two marketing campaigns which businesses can buy into ensuring exposure to all potential visitors the campaign reaches. 

Northumberland’s Holiday Guide continues to inspire

The 2015 Northumberland Holiday Guide inspired 22% of readers to visit the county, generating £4.9m in new revenue for the county. In 2015 we printed 80,000 guides and the online version was read 3,919 times.

Post-Arrival Publications

250,000 of our Days Out and Attractions Maps are distributed every year, promoting our sights, attractions and activities to visitors. In 2015 40% of people using the map said they visited new attractions or areas as a result and 17% said they visited more attractions and places than originally intended. This additional activity equates to £4.3m of extra visitor spend brought into the county by the map.

We also used the front editorial section of the Guide to produce 20,000 copies of the Bedroom Browser, designed to inspire people to do more while they are here, by featuring inspiring articles, events and vouchers.

In total, our post-arrival publications generated an extra £4.95m in revenue for the tourism industry in Northumberland.

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