Northumberland Tourism

Northumberland Tourism is the Destination Management Organisation for Northumberland. We have a clear vision for Northumberland: "To be THE destination where Independent Spirit comes to life" and work closely with Northumberland County Council and tourism businesses to achieve the vision together.

Northumberland Tourism is the outcome of discussion, consultation and debate – resulting in a structure which is business-led, and is simple (so that bureaucracy is minimised), independent and empowered.

One of Northumberland Tourism's key activities is the coordination of the county's Destination Management Plan, encouraging partner organisations to contribute activities which will contribute to the jointly determined ambitions for developing Northumberland's tourism offer.

Our board provides a strategic overview of the company's activities. Board members have been selected for their tourism experience or other relevant skills of benefit to the company operations.

More information about Northumberland Tourism, and how our Business Strategy works towards the co-ordination of the Destination Management Plan, download our Business Plan.

Download this file (Business Strategy 2016-2020.pdf)Business Strategy 2016-2020[ ]886 kB2344 Downloads