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Red Tape – 60 rules to change

red-tape-challengePlans to scrap or simplify more than 60 regulations, freeing businesses from overly burdensome, bureaucratic or completely redundant rules have been announced by Tourism Minister John Penrose.


Earlier this year ViewpoiNT alerted tourism businesses to the government consultation on problem bureaucracy in the hospitality, food and drink sectors. The results of that consultation are starting to emerge.

The government has announced proposals to scrap or simplify more than 60 regulations as part of the Red Tape Challenge. Businesses across the country were consulted and the government received nearly 600 comments.

Proposals announced today include:

Simplifying licensing application forms

Scrapping regulations on the location and design of no smoking signs

Properties rented out for less than four months in a year do not need Energy Performance Certificates.

A streamlining of food safety regulations

More than 100 pieces of regulation were considered as part of the hospitality theme, with 12 now set to be scrapped and a further 50 to be merged or simplified.

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