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A new look and feel to

Northumberland Tourism High Res
 Northumberland County Council and Northumberland Tourism announce updates to attracts over 1 million visitors each year, inspiring them to visit, explore and discover Northumberland. Recent website research shows that 91% of respondents who visited in 2018, were inspired to do this by the information they found on

The current website platform was developed in 2011 and is now in need of updating to ensure that visitors continue to receive a high quality service that inspires them to holiday in Northumberland.

Northumberland County Council, on behalf of Northumberland Tourism, have commissioned development work on This work is intended to help further develop the spectacular growth in the visitor economy which has seen a total increase of 15% in visitors over the last five years, according to data from STEAM the annual Economic Impact Report.

The website updates will occur as part of a two phased approach. Phase one will involve a refresh to the look and feel of to increase the visual appeal to visitors. These updates are due to be completed by mid-July. Phase two will focus on improving functionality, to enhance the visitor journey and create immersive experiences and dialogue.

Regular updates will be sent out in due course via our Viewpoint newsletter to keep businesses in Northumberland up to date on the ongoing development of tourism in Northumberland. All business are encouraged to sign up to these updates via our corporate website

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