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We have recently launched an exciting new tourism initiative to bring more international visitors to our coastline. England’s Seafood Coast has government funding to create a seafood ‘trail’ around the English coastline, and to market it in Holland and Germany. If your business has a link to seafood, you can benefit.

How does this benefit you?
The England’s Coast website is being updated to create a seafood focus; it will be used to market seafood tourism businesses internationally:
•    To tour operators
•    To give information to consumers booking their own holiday activities
•    To Dutch and German journalists.

This is where you come in.  By registering your business you will get the benefit of this marketing. 


England's Seafood Coast are attending Vakantiebeurs (Holland’s biggest travel exhibition) during the first week of January, and if you register now your business details will be available to everyone we speak to at the event.
Signing up is free until 31st March 2020 and only takes a few minutes.


Who can register?
The key point is that your business should make use of locally-landed seafood, or have a link to local fishing.  Some examples include:
•    A restaurant, café, pub etc that buys its fish from the local fish market or direct from the boat
•    An outdoor adventure company that offers tours where customers catch their own fish and cook them on the beach
•    A hotel or B&B that serves local smoked kippers for breakfast
•    An attraction with a strong link to seafood, such as a public tour of a fish market or trips on a heritage sailing trawler.
The only other criteria are that places to eat should be within 5 miles of the coast, and visitor attractions and activities should be within 15 miles.
If your business doesn’t have a link to seafood, you can still register as part of England’s Coast (you won’t need to fill in the information on Seafood Coast).


Register your business



What if you’ve already registered your business for England’s Coast?
That’s great – all you need to do is log in and update your details to include your seafood focus. 

We look forward to bringing international visitors to eat our fantastic seafood, right where it’s landed.

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